The dentist
Everyone is welcome to become a patient at TRIDENZO.

Our practice currently employs 3 friendly, patient dentists, namely: Goce Gjorgjioski, Paula Wójcikiewicz, and Ine Mertens.
They are dentists with a number of years of experience from various practices. That also means that we can speak to you in Dutch, English, German, and Polish.

We have virtually no waiting lists and do you prefer a dentist? No problem!

The TRIDENZO team consists of different disciplines. Such as dentists, an implantologist, a paro-prevention assistant, and a dental prosthetician. We are a small and personal practice but practice with all the care under one roof.

Even if you have not been to a dentist for a long time, you are very welcome. Together we look at the condition of your teeth and come to a good solution together.

Even if you still have your own teeth but think they are so bad that a dental prosthesis is a solution, you can contact us for honest advice and a clear explanation.

During the first consultation, we look at your teeth and take photos if necessary. If you recently had photos taken at your previous dentist, we will request them. We would also like to receive all other information from the previous dentist or dental hygienist. If you want, we can arrange it all for you!

You can come by to make an appointment or contact us by telephone.
T 076 - 532 49 60