The dental prosthetician

The dental prosthetician for anyone with a dental prosthesis or removable dentures on implants.

If you notice that your dental prosthesis is no longer in place, or if it is time for a new dental prosthesis.
At TRIDENZO you will work together with the dental prosthetician on a properly fitting dental prosthesis.
During the first consultation, she will discuss her findings with you and explain the possibilities of new teeth. If you recently had a new prosthesis, it is wise to have an annual check-up. Your jaw shrinks when you no longer have your own teeth. As a result, the dental prosthesis can no longer be suitable. She will look at a treatment plan with you and apply for authorization. When drawing up the ultimate treatment plan, she will look at your wishes, situation, and options with you.

When to see the dental prosthetics:
If you have or are going to receive a prosthesis.
For all possible repairs, cracks, and breaks.
When food scraps get under the prosthesis
When the prosthesis chatters or moves easily.
When you need adhesive paste
When you want a frame or partial denture
Implant prosthetics, click denture

New dentures?
Anyone dealing with a new prosthesis will always have to get used to the prosthesis. In the initial period, the dental technician provides guidance and advice, so that getting used to the new prosthesis runs as smoothly as possible.
If you think that removable dentures on implants are something for you, the dental prosthetician can already give you an initial explanation. Together with the implantologist, we can determine whether this is a suitable solution for you.
A full denture is reimbursed by your insurance after approval because this is covered by your basic insurance, you must take into account your personal contribution and deductible.
We can imagine that if there are problems with your prosthesis, you want to be helped quickly. We barely have a waiting list.