Dental hygienist
Oral hygiene
The paro-prevention assistant: for anyone who wants to keep their own teeth for a long time!
If you notice that your teeth are discolored, if you notice that you have a bad taste or that your gums are bleeding, or if you just want clean teeth; the dental hygienist / paro-prevention assistant is there for everyone with teeth or implants. At TRIDENZO you work with her on good and fresh oral health.
During the first consultation, she will discuss her findings with you and explain the possible problems and which treatment is best for you. When drawing up the ultimate treatment plan, she will look at your wishes, situation, and options together with you. With that advice and treatments, you can shine with your teeth again!

When to make an appointment with the dental hygienist:
When you value healthy teeth and a clean feeling in your mouth!
But sometimes people experience problems with their gums or their overall oral health.
This could be:
• Bleeding gums,
• Irritated gums;
• Loose teeth or molars;
• Gum recession;
• Bad taste or bad breath;
• Teeth discoloration;
• Pain when brushing;
Even if you are pregnant, have diabetes or something that may reduce your immune system, it is always wise to visit the dental hygienist.
Better safe than sorry!